The Living Dead Girl Summary

Topics: Girl, Boy, Female Pages: 2 (800 words) Published: January 4, 2011
“The living dead girl”
The first main characters name is Alice, this is a five year old girl. She is stolen away from her family and friends at the local playground. She was stolen by a man called Ray, which is the second main character. This is the horrible man you took this five year old little girl away from her childhood. He makes her life a living hell, the only thing he is concerned about is keeping her looking like a little girl forever, keeping her below 100 pounds. He renames all of his victims Alice and they all had blond hair and blue eyes, Ray killed a 9 year old girl because she started to develop into a young lady. He gave Alice hormone pills so she wouldn’t develop as fast. But at age 9 Alice started to develop so Ray sent her to the park to find him another Alice, of course, he threatened her and told her that he would hurt her if she told on him. She set off and found our next main character who’s name is Shelly, she had long blond hair and blue eyes, around 5 years of age. Shelly had a brother named Max and this is our fourth character that in the end saves the day, well you could say that. The Living dead girl is all about a little girl that gets stolen at the age of five by a 45 year old man, she is forced to obey him because of the threats he has made to burn her family alive. He likes them young so he makes her wear a small frilly dress that barely fits her already small body. He keeps Alice at 100 pounds by only allowing a yogurt once a week. He brings home full dinners for him and doesn’t give her a nibble. Over the years Alice grows and develops her womanly parts, Ray decides he needs a new Alice. He sends her to the local park to sit and look for another blond hair blue eyed girl around 5 years of age. He tells Alice not to talk to anyone or he will know. Alice goes to the park and spots Shelly and her Brother Max, Shelly was perfect. She told Ray and over time they built up a plan so they could take Shelly without her brother...
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