The Little Red Hen

Topics: Activity, Writing Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: July 19, 2006
The Little Red Hen

I performed small group work for the duration of the week throughout the two-hour literacy block. My topic focused on the book "The Little Red Hen" where I had two of the same books however; they were altered slightly in meaning. I read them both of the books with help from the students, and tested their ability to comprehend a message from a story and asked several questions relating to the different messages that are portrayed. This tested a few children as their ability to undertake such tasks were still quite difficult.

I also demonstrated how books alter in meaning through word of mouth where we then did a small activity on Chinese whispers. This proved successful for some groups and others a disaster due to their maturity levels where the message was deliberately misconstrued into sexual talk. I needed to then deal with the group accordingly and this ultimately ruined the whole atmosphere for the rest of the students that were doing the right thing. This was a clear demonstration to me that you need to be careful what activities you chose for different groups, and how important it is to plan accordingly.

The students were actively involved in the tasks I set for them, where they needed to read and undertake a set of instructions to complete the sheet correctly.
Their writing exercise altered for every group depending on their ability levels, where the lowest group focused on simply writing their names and possibly "The Little Red Hen", then drawing a picture. The higher groups obviously had the ability to go further and write an alternative ending to the "Little Red Hen" or to come up with another option of what the Little Red Hen could have baked.

I would have liked to incorporate a more exciting activity involving more imagination and a bit of variety and something for the students to think about. Obviously, this needed to be looked at closely in regards to their ability levels.
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