The Little Prince

Topics: Planet, Jupiter, Solar System Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: September 10, 2011

The narrator- a pilot stranded in the desert
The Little Prince- from asteroid B-612 who meets the narrator in the desert The Rose- The Little Prince's 'friend' on his planet
The Fox- my personal favorite of the characters you meet in the book who teaches that only the heart can see correctly The Snake- easily compared to a biblical figure (Adam and Eve in Eden) The King- a character that claims to 'rule' everyone and everything but can only command people to do things that they were going to do anyway The Vain Man- I think the name speaks for itself

The Drunkard- Who drinks to forget but is ashamed for drinking The Businessman- a character who owns all the stars and spends every moment counting and recounting them The Lamplighter- this character spends his time lighting and putting out the lamp. The devotion of this character is what the Little Prince admires most The Geographer- This character does not explore, only maps out what has already been discovered The Turkish Astronomer- This is probably my second favorite character in the book. This character is dressed foolishly (like a clown as the picture depicts) and he discovered asteroid B612, where the Little Prince lives. However, when he tells others about it they do not take him seriously because of the way he is dressed. So, he dresses more professionally and is finally given recognition for his discovery.

This is the story of a prince who lives on a small planet. The unnamed narrator encounters the little prince when he crashes his plane in the Sahara Desert. The narrator sets about repairing his plane, when he hears a little voice asking him to draw him a sheep. The narrator turned and saw the little prince. The narrator learned that the prince came from a planet so small that he could watch the sunset whenever he liked, just by turning around. The reason he wanted the sheep was that sheep eat little bushes. He wanted the sheep to eat the baobabs that were such a problem on...
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