the little prince

Topics: The Little Prince, Cher, Desert Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The combination in the book of fantasy, satire, philosophy, poetry, science, imagination, and childish gaiety can capture the hearts and minds of 'grown-ups' as well as 'children' in only ninety-two short pages,moreover, this little boy teaches the reader many values that older people seem to forget more often in everyday life.

This mystical adventure begins when Saint-Exupery makes a forced landing in the Sahara Desert. A small, golden-haired visitor appears at dawn, asking the downed aviator for a drawing of a sheep. A traveler from his home on a small asteroid, the little prince describes his journey to Earth and his experiences here. The story ends with the little prince's departure from Earth on the anniversary of his arrival. I think that The Little Prince is written as a children's book but can be analyzed on many different levels. It is necessary to clarify this statement: one is defined as 'child' or an 'adult' not by age, but by state of mind. Maybe it is better to explain that it is a story for children, but not specifically for them alone. The story of the little prince exists on many different levels. Saint- Exupery explains the importance of seeing beneath the surface by beginning his book with the story about drawings of closed and open boa constrictors. Later, he relates a story about the Turkish astronomer who discovers the little prince's home, Asteroid B-612. When he presents his findings to the International Congress of Astronomy, dressed in his comical Turkish outfit, he is not believed . Because adults never look inside, they will never know themselves or others.

All his life, The Little Prince has thought that grown-ups care only about inconsequential matters, such as golf and neckties, and are very dull when talking about important matters. He has never met anyone whom he could talk to about what is really important.

Throughout his book, Saint-Exupery teaches the importance of looking beneath the surface to find true beauty. Analyzed on...
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