The Little Mermaid

Topics: The Lion King, Walt Disney, Sleeping Beauty Pages: 3 (938 words) Published: November 28, 2010
The Little Mermaid
Most children grow up watching movies and listening to songs that send out an important message. Walt Disney movies are noticed best for doing this. Their Disney Princesses almost always send a life long lesson to young children or any age. Another thing Walt Disney movies are known for is their movies are mostly musicals. Using music and catchy lyrics also helped them send out their message or theme of the story to children in an easier way for them to understand. Growing up my favorite Disney princess was Ariel, from The Little Mermaid. The Little Mermaid has four main characters the king of the sea, King Triton, Ariel the youngest of King Triton’s seven daughters, Prince Eric which is a human that Ariel falls in love with, and Ursula the ugly Sea Witch that tries to take over the kingdom. The movie explains how Ariel, a mermaid, has a gorgeous voice and yet she wants to become a human. Her father is against her wishes and does not understand why she does not like her life under the ocean. Once Ariel notices the human ship above her kingdom she starts getting curious about life with legs. Ariel makes an awful agreement with Ursula to trade her beautiful voice for a pair of human legs. Sneakily Ursula uses Ariel to take away her fathers kingdom and make it her own. Luckily Ursula plan fails and the kingdom is given back to King Triton but his daughter was still a mermaid. Seeing how in love his daughter is King Triton agreed to give his daughter legs so she

can live as a human with Prince Eric. The Little Mermaid gives out the important message to children, of do not change for people just be happy with yourself. This is shown through the characters, structure, and with it being a musical movie. The other characters in this movie are just as important as the main ones. Ariel has a best fish friend named Flounder. Together they collect artifacts from an abandoned shipwreck and dream of life as a human. Ariel and Flounder are...

Cited: The Little Mermaid-Under The Sea. 2002-2010. 18 October 2010.
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