The lion and the jewel

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INSTRUCTIONS: Read the notes for the play ‘the lion and the jewel. Answer the questions which follow. Spectacle
The term literally means when someone draws attention to themselves or creates a show. It is an event that is memorable for the appearance that it creates. Example #1
One of our first examples of spectacle is when Sadiku dances around a tree with the Bale’s image in hand, page 33, in celebration of the fact that she has scotched the Bale Baraoka. She made such a ‘spectacle’ of herself that her physical antics drew Sidi’s attention. This spectacle highlights Sadiku’s utter joy at scotching the Bale. She has triumphed in a society that requires women to conform to particular gender roles.

Example #2
Sidi also creates a ‘spectacle of herself on page 44, when Baroka throws the young wrestler. She reacts to his victory with dancing and singing as with Sadiku and Baroka himself is surprised at the spectacle that she makes. This serves to highlight Sidi’s weakness to the audience, She wants a strong man. Regardless of his age. This spectacle signals the point at which Baroka gains a serious foothold in his seduction of Sidi.

Example #3
Sidi creates a spectacle at the end of the play when she enters the market beautifully dressed “She is radiant, jeweled, lightly clothed, and wears, light leather- thong sandals. (pages 62-63) The spectacle is seen in the reaction from the villagers ‘They all go silent except for the long- drawn O-Ohs of admiration pages 63) They were awed by Sidi’s beauty and literally stop to appreciate it. The spectacle continues when Sidi sings a call and response song, with the aid of musicians, in celebration of her impending marriage

Stage Directions
These are instructions that are written into the script of a play that indicate stage actions, the movement of performers props and the use of props as well as production requirements. Stage directions add life to the paly. For example, the stage direction that occurs during Baroka's seduction of Sidi is very effective in allowing the reader to visualize the action. We see Baroka deliberately being coy with the following stage direction ‘as if trying to understand’ (page 40). Then we see Sidi knowingly playing along with Baroka ‘The mischief returns to her face ‘(page 41). There is also an aside on page 43 where Sidi implies that Baroka’s age makes him unattractive to her If Baroka were my father( aside) – which may take him to be – (page 43) This aside brings out Sidi’s youthful naiveté. She is only looking at the physical, as the young usually do. She is not trying to see beyond Bale Baroka's physical form.

The Unities
The unities dictate that ‘a good play should comprise one action, should take place in one day, and should happen in one place.’ Time The play for winning Sid’ takes place over the course of one day. It is split between morning, noon and night. We meet all the key players in the morning and the stage is set for the jewel, Sidi. We see Lakunle already vying for her attention, and Baroka‘s plan has been set in motion. Through the introduction of Sadiku. Night sees Sidi in Baroka’s clutches. So the element of time is used in a very structured way because each part of the day is used to develop the plot. Place The story occurs only in the village of Illujinle. References are made to Lagos, but the main action does not leave the village. Action There is only one main plot, and sub-plots. The plot is based around the seduction of Sidi by both Lakunle and Bale Baroka. Admittedly, Lakunle’s seduction is quiet awkward and riddled with inconsistencies in tone, language and content, but it is a seduction none the less. Baroka’s seduction, however, is tempered by age and experience. The first half of the play belongs to Lakunle’s seduction scenes, while the second half...
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