The Line to the Lunches

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The Line to the Lunches
Think back to when you were a kid and you waited anxiously for the whole school year to be over with so you could do that one special thing. For my friends and I it was going to the big, red bricked church down the road and getting free sack lunches. The older I got the roles had been switched, from receiving the lunches, to providing the lunches for the anxiously waiting kids. Community service changes the life of you, and also the lives of others.

Even though it is cliché, things you do as a child fuel the fire for how you live the rest of your life, and the decisions you make. When I was younger, my friends and I anticipated summer like a little kid waiting for school to get out. The reason was, of course, school was out, but more importantly we got to run to that big bricked church down the road and receive free lunches. Every weekday all of the neighborhood kids would wait anxiously, peeking out our doors until eleven a.m. As soon as the clock struck eleven, we would all run through the freshly cut green grass, and down the steaming blacktop road, to the big, red-bricked church. We would cut through the churches flowery lawn, and pass the sign that said, “free lunches in basement, eleven to one”. We ran quickly through the double doors, and down the white flight of steps to the huge, white basement.

The lining up of the kids waiting for lunches looked like a line at an amusement park. We were all lined up in a single file order and excitedly waited our turns. As soon it was my turn, I walked up calmly, and the sweet, wrinkled, white haired ladies handed me my brown paper sack. Then, all my friends and I would race back to my house, and sit outside in the front yard. We sat in the freshly cut grass that made us itch as we opened our paper sack surprises. Every time we opened our brown paper sacks we would have a new surprise of food in them, and a new awed look on our faces. The new surprises of food would range from a...
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