The Lifetime Fitness

Topics: Nutrition, Personal life, Sleep Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Clay Medina

Lifetime fitness
Sara L. Masten

My first goal is to have a better sleeping habit. Its important to me because not getting enough sleep can affect you in many ways. One way that it will affect you is that you would not be as healthy and you brain would function the full way its suppose to, but the main reason I want to have better sleeping habit is because when I don’t get enough sleep I am always tired and never feel like doing anything or going anywhere, and I would just like to be more motivated and less lazy. My first objective is time management. I would want to try to sleep an hour earlier then I use to and if I don’t get that extra hour then id take a nap during my free time. My second objective is playing less video game. Every teenager is in love with a certain game or game system, now a day all people want to do is play call of duty, or halo, or any of the other popular games, and if your friends are playing, you know you have to play also. If I would play an hour less or 2 hours less of videos games then I would be up till 3 in the morning or even later playing games. I want to consume my time and rather have more sleep then play games. My last objective is that I am always hanging with my friends. I don’t have many friends here in Lincoln because I just moved here this year but I have meet a few friends and we usually hang out basically everyday. This objective I want to spend less time with my friends, only spend time with them three times a week instead of everyday. My first barrier I want to play Xbox less and how I am going to do this is make a time schedule and only play for about three hours a day instead of four or five hours a day. Which brings me to my second barrier and that is hanging with my friends. I want to spend less time with them and more time in my bed. During the week me and my friends would either hang out and chill, or we could play video game and on weekends we would go out and party which there I hardly get...
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