The Life of a Superstar

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In modern society the media strongly influences the world around it. Today people of all ages enjoy watching movies by way of computer, television, and theatre. What used to be a “big event” in going out to watch a movie at the local town theatre has technologically changed, where now just about anyone can experience watching a movie from the comfort of his or her own couch. Although one can watch a movie at home or in a theatre, watching a movie at home is far better for food, comfort and price.

At home, versus at a theatre, the selection of food and the price of food is much better. Instead of waiting in long lines to get a limited selection of food, one can have anything he or she wants to eat while watching his or her movie at home. Not only is the food better, but it is less expensive, at the movies. It costs around $4.00 for a small soda! At home it doesn’t cost a person every time they get up to grab a drink from the fridge, the only thing he or she paid is when they got the drink from the grocery store. Having the food available right beside the couch is what makes staying at home better than going to the movies.

The couch or bed, versus the cinema seats at the theatre, make watching a movie at home far more comfortable than going to the theatre. A couch just has that calming effect that one would want when watching a movie. When he or she is at home they can sit on his or her couch with blankets and pillows, something that is not offered at a theatre. Another great thing about being at home versus going to a theatre is appearance. If someone is going to the movies, he or she tends to go with a group of friends and therefore has to dress up or at least look presentable. On the other hand, if that same person is at home watching the movie, he or she can be in the comfort of sweatpants and doesn’t have to worry about makeup or dressing up. That ease makes watching the movie at home a better experience than going to a theatre. Staying...
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