The Life of a Military Child

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The Life of a Military Child
Betty King
May 1, 2012

The Life of a Military Child
The life of a military child is vary, vary different than that of a civilian child. Yes, even though there are military children that act out against parents, guardians and teachers, many military children are made resilient because of military support groups and foundations and strong emotional support at home. Military children are made to be resilient. First what is resilience? It is an individual person’s ability to recover from a lot of stress or to adjust to permanent life changes quickly and adaptively (, 2012). Many would say that the military life is not for children. That could be farther from the truth. I believe that the military is the best opportunity for a child to become more resilient in life. Developing the skills of resilience for coping with a move, saying goodbye to friends and having a parent serve in a time of war becomes easier with time. These skills are best developed with a strong and loving support system at home. These skills will also help them grow into the next generation of leaders (Shackelford, C., n.d.). A military child has to opportunity to travel the world. To explore countries that any other child or even an adult would love to visit. As a veteran, military spouse and mother, I am privileged to allow our daughter to experience the wonders of the military. I know of many families who would not change their current life for another. The most important reason many military children are more resilient is because of the numerous military support groups and foundations. According to the National Military Family Association estimates the average military child moves six to nine times between kindergarten and high school. While base housing is offered on many installations, many military families live within the community. In fact, over 70% of military kids attend public schools in...

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