The Life of Nicholas Gage

Topics: Life, Writing, A Story Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 7, 2008
Nicholas Gage in his autobiography tells us a powerful emotional story of his eventful life in America and home country Greece where the tragedy happened which would eventually change his life forever. Life as an immigrant to the new country is never easy and it was the same for Nicholas. He had to adjust to the completely new environment, learn the language and find his passion in life. Besides that he had a great burden on his soul for loosing his mother at such young age. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Hurd we would’ve never knew about Nicholas and his tragic story of life. He was only nine years old unprepared and with no hope left inside when he and his young sisters came America in the spring of 1949. His mother was tortured and killed by the communist guerillas while trying to get her kids out of the land that once was dear and close. She wanted a better future for her children and the only way was living the country that became a place where the laws were no longer obeyed. Nicholas and his sisters were met by his father whom he no longer could recognize. At first, he was a stranger and Nicholas thought that it was his fault of what happened to his mother. However, Nicholas would appreciate what his father did and eventually will love him because he only wanted well for his children and what happened to Eleni was in no way his fault. America was very unfamiliar and distant place for Nicholas and perhaps very exciting at the same time. In a way it helped him forget about what happened back in his home country and helped him find a so needed fresh start in life. Even though, he was placed in the class for the mentally retarded which was perhaps the usual place where principles would’ve put immigrant children, Nicholas didn’t lose his hope and in four years he was ready to be placed in regular class with the same age classmates. It was a tough period for him because now he was in the class he suppose to be but he still felt out of order because of his unusually...
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