The Life of Mother Teresa

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I. Early Childhood
A. Family
B. Becoming Mother Teresa

II. Adulthood
A. Her calling to a religious life
B. Her service and career

III. Elderly life
A. Awards and achievements
B. Death and legacy

The Life of Mother Teresa
Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born on August 26, 1910, in a small town called Skopje, Macedonia. In that time, this small town had a population of approximately 25,000 people. The political context in which Agnes was born was very harsh due to the Islamic rule under Turkish dominance. Only a minuscule portion of this population were Catholics.

Her family was composed of an ambitious father, a "very holy" mother and two other siblings. Her family was actually not of the peasant stock, as people would sometimes believe. Nicholas Bojaxhiu was the name of her father. He was a building contractor whose firm was well-known. Not only this, but he was also a member of the Town Council and spoke several languages. Gonxha often described her father as a man who had an incredible disposition to help, mostly the poor. It is safe to say that he was a very qualified, accomplished and skilled person.

Dranafile Bernai, Teresa's mother, was a great influence on Mary's spiritual life. Dranafile was not only a religious person, but she was a woman whose actions reflected love towards God and towards others. Both parents had taught Teresa how important it was to love their neighbors, whether it was helping them with food, clothing, shelter or a simple gesture of love. Mary's mother had three children-Age, Lazar and Teresa. The first girl was named Age, who was born in 1904. Secondly, Lazar, a brother born in 1907. And then, in 1910, Gonxha was born. As described by Gonxha, her family was a joyful one and " very closely united..."

A few years later, Teresa said, "I was only twelve years old and lived at home with my parents in Skopje when I first felt the desire to become a nun." Shortly after this,...

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