The Life of Jesus Christ

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The Life of Jesus Christ
The birth of Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary is said to have happened in a humble stable in Bethlehem, which is of some controversy. There is belief that the Christian Monks miscalculated the actual time and date that Jesus was born. It has been stated that Jesus, born in Bethlehem as told in the Old Testament, could have been born in or near Nazareth in the town of Galilee. With that, some scholars have dated Jesus’ lineage back as far as Adam, the son of God, as well as King David and Abraham from the Old Testament. With the birth of Jesus, nothing else is told about his childhood until he reached the age of twelve. It is said that he found himself lost from his parent during Passover in Jerusalem, when found by his parents; Jesus was in the Temple discussing the Torah with the rabbis. The rabbis were astonished in Jesus’ comprehension of the Torah and the answer he had provided them to their questions. There is little said about Jesus’ climb to manhood, he is about thirty when it is told about his Baptism by John in the Jordan River for his preparation for the Kingdom of God. After the Baptism, Jesus then began to gather his first disciples, having them leave their processions and human attachment to follow him. Jesus taught that the spiritual treasures were far more fulfilling than the material riches of the earth, that prayer to God for help will hem them find what they seek. Jesus’, Or the Messiah as he was called by his disciples, began performing miracles in his travels such as; turning water into wine, healing the sick, resurrecting the dead and the widely know, walking on water. Jesus taught that everything was possible with God and that god was forgiving to those who are willing to repent their sins. In Jesus’ travels he finds himself back to Jerusalem, the place where Jesus knows will bring about his end, but continues. Jesus is then put on trial and Crucified on the hill called Golgotha, also know as...

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