The Life of El Dorado

Topics: El Dorado, Andes, Muisca Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 24, 2011
El Dorado was the name of a tribal chief of the Musica tribe. As an initiation rite, he covered himself in gold dust and dove into the Guatavita Lake. As the story got recounted and told from place to place, details got mixed up. This proved to be a huge problem when El Dorado, the tribal chief of the Musica tribe, became the legendary lost "City of Gold." Since it was called the city of gold, it was something so spectacular that everyone wanted a part of it, mainly for power. Because everyone imagined this "City of Gold" to be so fantastic, it later became a kingdom, an empire, and eventually the city of a legendary golden king. After the New World was discovered by Christopher Columbus and his crew, tales of their journey quickly spread throughout Europe and other Old World regions, especially those about the legendary city of gold hidden somewhere in the Andes Mountains in South America. They were told that inconceivable treasures awaited those courageous and daring enough to seek this so called city of gold. So many young entrepreneurs became excited at the thought of such a quest and decided to take on the challenge. Most passed away in the brutal jungles and mountain ranges before they ever realized that El Dorado was not a city, but a man. The legend of this long lost "City of Gold" reached the Europe, Africa, Asia, and surrounding islands after Christopher Columbus and his Spanish crew discovered the New World. Throughout all of the destinations that their journeys took them on in the Americas, they heard captivating stories about this legendary city of gold told from the Indians. Little did they know that these were really exaggerated accounts of El Dorado handed down by the sun-worshipping Chibeha Indians. Some of the Indians spoke of a holy lake full of gold. Others told of meeting a golden chieftain in Omagua. As the tales spread, El Dorado became a city of gold, so much so that it was even shown on maps, though the location varied greatly. In the...
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