The Life and Work of Photographer, Robert Freson

Topics: Photography, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Winston Churchill Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Life and work of a photographer

Robert Freson was born in Belgium, he emigrated to the United States in 1959, due to WWII everything changed in his life, he studied at a university in Switzerland and after that joined the Royal Navy, he wasn’t too sure of following a life in the army and decided to study photograph. “I am proud to be an American since I wouldn’t have had the same opportunity”. The techniques he learned in Switzerland opened many doors for him, “I believe if you are good at something stick to it, and keep practicing,” his words truly resemble the kind of man he is, after giving us a short introduction about his life, and filling us with great advices, he moved on to show us some of his work, and the many people he met during the course of his remarkable career. His first job was for Vogue, and the irony of it he said “I was very lucky to be selected as a photographer for Vogue not that many people get that kind of job as a first time photographer, but it was because the techniques that I learned in Switzerland which separated me from the rest,” after he worked for Vogue for a couple of years, he mastered the process of printing and truly felt as a photographer, one of his first pieces of work, are 60 prints which are actually at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, they are composed of naked models and show the texture and some techniques used back 60’s. After working for Vogue, he worked for Look magazine, and the well known magazine Life, he said he always wanted to be a photo journalist rather than a press photographer, which are completely different, since the photo journalist you get more time to work on your project, you can even take months! Rather that a press photographer when pictures are needed for the next day’s paper. After he built some reputation of his own he was sent to cover more and more well-known people. He was delighted when he was told to cover the funeral of Winston Churchill and the Royal...
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