The Life and Times of John Lennon

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The Life of John Lennon
(We All Want To Change the World)

Report on a Manuscript by John Wyse Jackson

1.0Book Synopsis

John Lennon was an English rock musician, singer-songwriter, author, and peace activist. He gained worldwide fame through the many bands he formed to eventually create the Beatles, one of the most successful pop/rock groups of all time. From an early age John was convinced of his genius and expanded his complex mind through song writing, visual art, drugs, booze, meditation and psychotherapy. His Irish roots, his hard childhood in Liverpool and his background influenced his music, philosophy and attitude to life and politics. John’s career was transformed in 1968 when he joined forces with Yoko Ono. This extraordinary couple became known for their very public pleas for world peace and they became familiar figures in the international protest movement. As the Beatles broke up, John began his successful solo career creating many incredible songs, one being the extremely successful song Imagine that became an anthem after he was shot by a mentally disturbed fan in 1980.

2.0 Vision Of Reality

2.1Time Period
John Lennon was born in Liverpool, England in 1940 to Julia and Freddie Lennon. In 1945 Julia’s sister Mimi took John away from his mother when he was just 5 years old. If Mimi had not taken John, his life would have ended up very differently, and not in a good way. Julia Lennon (Johns Mother) could see this and often said to Mimi:

“You’re his real mother; all I did was give birth” (P15)

The biography tells of John Lennon’s difficult childhood, but of his thoughts that deep down he was convinced he was a natural born genius. With his artistic and musical skills he began to form bands as a teenager and eventually The Beatles hired a manager (Brian Epstein) and so began the rise to fame. Then from “Beatlemania” came Yoko Ono, a successful solo career and then a terrible early death. The manuscript covers from before Lennon was born with his Father, Grandfathers and Mothers backgrounds untill after Lennon was assassinated. This is a biography driven by the inner works of Lennon’s life and the many different events and occurrences through his life.

2.2Life Experiences
This manuscript covers almost every noted experience that John Lennon had through his 40 years of life. From very simple things such as his Aunt Mimi buying him his first guitar, to life changing experiences like The Beatles first record that made it to number one. It does not silence anything, letting each and every high point and low point of Lennon’s life out in the open. This has a disturbing effect on the reader as it does not put Lennon in the best light. It makes him seem like an inconsiderate and uncaring person. Every controversial activity that Lennon indulged in is covered in detail, even things like when the star was too drunk to sing onstage, instead sleeping behind the piano while the rest of his band played. The fact that John Wise Jackson has done this is brilliant as it really does illustrate the “rock and roll” dream life that the Beatles were living.

2.3 Author Positioning
John Wyse Jackson takes the reader of this biography through each thought that he has about Lennon’s life, and also each thought that Lennon had or may have had in it. The reason this book is so great is that it isn’t just a boring re-telling of a person’s life through chapters. Although the reader does not entirely know the feelings that the Author has, he has successfully and skilfully re-told John Lennon’s story through detail, keeping it interesting and informative from start to end. He has done this in impressive language and detail yet still left it open enough for readers to form opinions on each topic and without a doubt get a hint of the authors opinions on those topics.

Through the fact that John Wise Jackson has smooth, flowing and easy to read language and also that his opinions on Lennon are likable that...
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