The Life and History of Socrates

Topics: Thought, Mind, Cognition Pages: 4 (1440 words) Published: May 6, 2009
Socrates was one of the greatest philosophers of all time who questioned many individuals about their beliefs on ideas and thoughts that they take for granted by feeling that they know knowledge on a particular subject but utterly find out that they obtain no knowledge or wisdom on that subject that they felt so strongly about, which in turn, ended up being embarrassing to that individual. However Socrates feels that if he did not live and examined his life would have been pointless because he would not have learned of all the knowledge he did. Socrates was not like every other citizen in his time who did not examine life and world around him; he would explore his mind and find knowledge of the ideas, thoughts, and values in his time period. He would not have learned all different opinions and views if he did not question the people around him. He felt that all the other people around him were not examining reality, and to him, this was unacceptable because he would of lived life in ignorance like his fellow citizens who thought they obtained great knowledge on a particular subject when their own personal ignorance just made them think every one else’s ideas were wrong and that they were only right. And in reality, they realized that they obtained not much knowledge or wisdom because they could not the most basic questions of their life. An example of that is when Socrates asks Euthyphro what holiness is and Euthyphro can not answer it because he does not know how to explain the definition which in actually, he has no idea what holiness is. It was a basic question, but to act as if one would know of some thing, when not actually knowing it made Socrates sad because he did not want to live like that. It was as if he was living in a false reality with people pretending to have knowledge and wisdom when they do not. Socrates also did not like the fact that people just went with the crowd on topics acting as if they had first hand knowledge on a topic with...
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