The Lie

Topics: Lie, Walter Raleigh, Mind Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: November 3, 2014
The Lie
A common practice in today’s world is lying. There are many people who armor themselves with a false appearance, making them appear true when in all reality they are quite the opposite. In the poem “The Lie”, Sir Walter Ralegh talks of the soul’s necessary purpose to shed light on the false practices of many. It is very interesting how this correlates with the fake exterior of today’s world.

“..Say to the church, it shows what’s good, and doth no good. If church and court reply, then give them both the lie” (pg.1026). This line says that the church is really a hypocrite, telling its followers how to act and what is moral and good yet does the opposite. Many people today have judgments about the churches of many religions, saying they hide behind their holy words with poor actions. Some of the most common prejudices are that Catholic priests are morally corrupt, Christian pastors are money hungry and Muslim followers are terrorists.

In lines thirteen through eighteen, the poem highlights rulers. This stanza suggests that the leaders do a poor job of actually leading with a firm hand. Their people do not respect or adore them unless their hand is out. While that is partly true in today’s world, the fact that leaders do a poor job is very clear. All over the world there are stories of poor actions being taken by royalty, presidents, prime ministers and so on. In this country alone, opinion is divided on whether President Obama is doing a poor or an excellent job of leading and defending us.

“Tell them that brave it most, they beg for more by spending, who, in their greatest cost, seek nothing but commending. And if they make reply, then give them all the lie” (pg. 1026). This line represents the rich group and how they seek more. Although they appear content with all that they have, the yearning for even more is too strong. This thought is the one that correlates the most with today’s society. All of the riches aren’t enough for some because they...
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