The Libyan Revolution

Topics: Libya, Muammar al-Gaddafi, KILL Pages: 2 (407 words) Published: January 15, 2012
The Libyan Revolution
BY: Rasha25

The Libyan revolution consider as the greatest revolution of the century after the French revolution because it is start with one voice, goal, and one demand which is the freedom for all Libyans across the country. From the dictator Gaddafi and his political system, which is based on killing, tutored people who refuse that he rolling Libya for 42 years.

The revolution begun in the city of Benghazi on the 17th of February, when a group of young people, goes out in the street in peaceful Demonstrations, and their demand is their freedom, freedom of speech, and do reforms in the government. But instated of listening to their demand he start to kill them one by one in order to shut them down . He used for that lead anti- craft. As a result of that many people died that day and they continued to that over and over again to kill the revolution before it is start.

Meanwhile, the protester never give up by counting protesting for their demands, and they fight against Gaddafi, his sons, and his Mercenaries . However he used a every kind of illegal weapons in order to kill the revolution and stay in his position as the president of Libya. For this reason all Libyans whose turn against him start to collect weapons, in order to defend them selves against that criminal as the result of the mass murder that he followings.

During this war the country lost a lot of people because of that mass murder that Gadiffi was doing in Libya. He was the responsible of all horrible things even the biggest criminals in the world did not do it . More over, he gave money to Mercenaries from other countries, to do what ever it takes to beat those rebels, including raping women, men and even kids! Killing who ever they met, stealing and destroying houses. Actually, he was not care about the Libyans at all, because he cares just for his ego, wealth, and power.

At the end, the rebels have got the great victory by liberating the...
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