The lessons in Vietnam war were forgotten in Iraq and Afghanistan

Topics: United States, Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: October 13, 2013
The lessons learned in the Vietnam war were forgotten in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A lot of lessons were learned throughout the Vietnam War but those lessons were not carried out in the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War, caused by fears of communism and the fact that since the USA was our allied country we had to join forces, was one of the most disastrous episodes in our past. The lessons learned from the Vietnam War were forgotten when Australia decided to join the United States of America, who were planning the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The American soldiers and the Australian soldiers went through and are still going through some of the same circumstances that happened in the Vietnam War. Some of those circumstances are that the American/Australian soldiers don’t know the terrain as well as the enemies do and the enemies are blending amongst innocent civilians and they plan ‘attack and run/booby traps’ which harm/kill the innocent civilians and the soldiers like the Vietcong did in the Vietnam war. The number of American/Australian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan are 1/10.

Some people would say that the USA/Australian forces in Iraq and Afghanistan are completely pointless, ‘Like Vietnam, this war cannot be won’. Some people however disagree. People argue that the reason why our efforts in Vietnam failed where due to the lack of support towards the America/Australian Military defence forces.

In World War 2, the United States were not fighting against Japanese and German soldiers in and attempt to make those countries better places. The goal was to defeat there military forces, destroy their capacity and keep fighting, just as what the North Vietnamese were trying to do to the South Vietnamese. World war ll was a much simpler war than Vietnam. There enemies were easier to identify and the United States felt obligated to use firepower at its disposal and kill innocent people.

Suddam Hussein (the fifth...
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