The Lemon Orchard

Topics: White people, Black people, Race Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: April 28, 2011
The Lemon Orchard character analysis
The Lemon Orchard by La Guma expresses the clashes of the characters personalities throughout the short story. The main characters that are shown within the story are the African man, the leader, the man who was carrying the lantern, and two other men that followed.

The leader of the group is presented to be the most dominant compared to the other men. 'He was a big man and wore khaki trousers and laced-up riding boots, and an old shooting jacket with leather patches on the right breast and the elbows.' The simple use of adjectives that are used such as 'big' reinforces his size to the reader. The old shooting jacket and leather patches gives the reader an idea of his age and what type of class he belongs to. The quote, 'He is not dumb. He is a slim hotnot; one of those educated bushmen.' Gives the reader the impression that the leader of the group has grown up learning that colored people are the foes and he is superior to them.

The colored man is silent throughout the short story. For example, 'Are you cold, hotnot?' the man with the light jeered. The colored man said nothing, but stared ahead of himself into the half-light made by the small lantern.' This is to show the readers that he is ashamed of being within this situation. He refuses to talk to the men who are going to give him a beating. The quote, '..but stared ahead of himself into the half-light.' This can symbolize the colored man foreseeing the future of his fate. The light in the in front of him can represent his hope or he could see this as the light at the end of the tunnel. Posted by Samm at 11:17 PM

0 comments: e Lemon Orchard by La Guma represents many challenges throughout the short story. These challenges are usually expressed by choices that certain characters have to adjudicate upon. These choices are either acknowledged or ignored therefore these actions effects the outcome of that choice.

The colored man has the challenge of remaining...
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