The Legend of Santa Clause

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The legend of Santa Claus has been told for centuries and is still told to this day. Every year, many children make Christmas lists and send them to Santa. If they are good, they will get presents, but if they are bad, they will get a bundle of coal in their stocking. Santa is usually visualized as a happy, white-bearded man, with a red stocking cap, and a red suit with white cuffs and black boots. In other cultures, he is referred to as St. Nicholas, Sinterklauss, and Father Christmas. Santa Claus supposedly lives in the North Pole with his wife, Mrs. Claus, where they run a factory full of working elves that make Christmas presents. On Christmas Eve, Santa and his flying reindeer deliver presents to boys and girls around the world.

The myth of Santa Claus’ purpose is weaved around Christianity. There was an actual Santa Claus named St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas used his entire inheritance to help the poor and needy. Over the years, parents have taken the role of gift giving on behalf of Santa Claus. The purpose of telling kids about Santa Claus teaches kids valuable moral lessons like gift giving and being generous. in a way that their undeveloped minds can understand. While receiving presents is nice, giving presents is the true meaning of Christmas, which is to celebrate generosity and Jesus.

Santa Claus depicts several archetypes. He represents the wise old man archetype. He always knows what every child in the world wants for Christmas and always knows if they have been good or not. He gives many children gifts and all he asks for in return is a cookie and a glass of milk. These archetypes are in many Christmas movies. In “A Christmas Carol”, Scrooge is a mean old man who, for the most part, hates everyone. All he cares about is money. He never gives anyone anything. When the spirits visit him in his dreams, he starts caring about people other than himself. At the end of the movie, Scrooge becomes a better man. He starts giving money to the poor and...
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