The Legend Of James Bowie Essay

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The Legend of Jim Bowie
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The Legend of Jim Bowie
Larger than life itself, James Bowie has inspired many legends. Bowie was born in Kentucky on April 10, 1796. Throughout his upbringing, Bowie was said to ride wild horses, alligators, and trap bears. Bowie enlisted in the War of 1812, although he was recruited too late to see any action on the warfront. Soon he was back in his childhood home, Louisiana, and he continued business as usual. Later on Bowie teamed up with his brother and Jean Lafayette in the slave smuggling business. In the 1820s Jim Bowie and his brothers made a less negative move and set up the first steam-powered mill in Louisiana. His achievement of being a soldier, marketer and landowner would be enough to make sure he wasn’t forgotten; but this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of Jim Bowie. The Sandbar Fight was originally a duel between two people: Samuel Levi Wells, and Dr. Thomas Maddox. The two eventually worked it out without either harmed; then some armed men on Maddox’s side started to fire at Well’s men. Bowie was shot through the lung, but through his bravado, legend says that he took the wound unflinching. After Bowie got shot three times in all, his mortal enemy began stabbing sword canes into him repeatedly. Bowie mustered up the rest of his strength and stabbed him skillfully in the heart with his famously known Bowie Knife; which got almost as much publicity as Bowie did. In this struggle, Bowie was truly a living legend as he still blazed through his attackers, even with his strength spent. After his famous Sandbar Fight, Bowie makes the move to Texas where he lived the hero’s tale. There was more than enough to keep him busy, with scuffles and falling in love with Ursula Veramendi, daughter of the mayor of San...
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