The legacy of racism

Topics: African American, Black people, Negro Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: November 6, 2013

Dropping the “N” Bomb

There are terms individuals use on a daily basis that are inappropriately exercised. The habit of expressing thoughts and ideas with profanity and unpleasant words has really gone overboard. One word that is repetitively misused is “Nigger”. In the mid twentieth century “nigger” was popular in referring to black people. The Spanish noun “negro” is derived from the Latin word “niger,” meaning the color black. The negative connotation of the word “nigger” is due to predisposed ideas toward African Americans. Will there ever be any plausible reasons to why people continually abuse the word “nigger?” Everyone should reconsider misusing this term on an everyday basis. Clearly, anyone who knows their history would understand that this is not a nice word and cannot be positively transformed. To begin with, the word “nigger” is considered to be a person with lack of knowledge. This word became popular years ago, during the time of segregation with the Jim Crow laws. It firmly established as a derogatory name. The word, nigger, carries hatred and disgust toward Black Africans and African Americans. Additionally, it defined, limited, made fun of, and belittled all Blacks. It was a term of exclusion, a verbal reason for discrimination. Whether used as a noun, verb, or adjective, it strengthened the stereotype of the Afro-Americans. Without a doubt, there are no other American racial slur that carries as much purposeful cruelty than this one. Sadly, as the word socially evolved the once extremely derogatory term “nigger” is formerly used as “nigga” by blacks and whites. One way people use the term “nigga” is by intentionally harming someone. Many races, specifically black youth also abuse this term when having an altercation or disagreement with another person. When individuals cannot think of any cruel words to verbally harm someone, they should reflect in using terms such as; brainless, preposterous, fatuous, and untaught. Another way people...
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