The Legacy of Colonialism

Topics: Africa, Slavery, Colonialism Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: April 9, 2014
This article, although not directly related to colonialism in West Africa or Sierra Leone, is in direct relation to our class studies by discussing the lasting effects of European colonial rule over African nations. As our text provides insight on the moral and philosophical justification for colonialism through the works of poets, writers, and intellectuals, I am appalled of the writings of the author of this article! He dares to say, “colonialism was a blessing in disguise.” This statement serves to prove the long-lasting mentally of missionaries and European government in justifying and glorifying the political control they seized over African countries. Colonialism is praised and revered through suggesting it was a burden and superior God-given duty to civilize, free, develop, and convert to Christianity the uncultured, un-evolved, and primitive society of Africa. Some might argue that the colonial era in Africa lasted a short 50 – 80 years, however that combined with four centuries of slavery destroyed the harmony of a tribal society. Of course, as in any society, there was friction between neighboring tribes, which may have led to disputes and rivalries, but when in equilibrium these disputes were usually kept pretty low key and balance was quickly restored. Colonialism not only enforced a system of politics and Christianity upon almost an entire continent, it also brought imperialism, racism and weapons upon an otherwise peaceful civilization. Importing arms into Africa and disrupting their system couldn’t lead to anything but catastrophe, descending African society into murder and mayhem and leaving it without the knowledge or resources to maintain a semblance of the political system that was forced upon them. If anything, this article serves to solidify my conviction that the impact of colonialism and slavery is the detrimental influence of the state of Africa today. The imprint chipped away its culture and humanity, and made an entire society...
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