The Left and Right Hemispheres : How It Impacts Learning

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The Left and Right Hemispheres : How It Impacts Learning

The Left and Right Hemispheres: How It Impacts Learning
Left and right hemispheres of the brain have many different skills and ways of learning. The hemispheres require the two different sides if the brain Howard (2006). In this paper we will be addressing the issues of both sides of the brain. Many skills that can be gained by the right hemisphere of the brain. One other thing we will look at is what the left hemisphere skills abilities . What benefits that both sides of the brain use. How each side of the brain has difficulties? Scientists still think learning about a person using the left and right hemispheres of the Brain is needed. While looking at the other side as to why some scientists disagree with this and think that it is not important. So let us take a look at understanding the right hemisphere and left hemisphere and how it impacts learning. The left side of the brain has many learning abilities as well as many behaviors. Some of the behaviors for using the left hemisphere: Methodical, expressive, grounded, and assertive. Being methodical means to communicate thoughts well. Expressive just means to communicate thoughts with expressive behaviors. Grounded means to act with integrity and stability. Assertive just means to tell it upfront Decosterd (2012). The left hemisphere has learning abilities linear, sequential, symbolic, logical, Verbal, and reality-based Hopper (2003). The left hemisphere is also used for positive thoughts and cheerfulness Howard (2006). The pro of learning from the left side of the brain is to be able to speak well, understanding language, spelling, and algebra Hopper (2003). Left hemisphere people tend to be a bit abrasive. The left hemisphere tends to deal with present realities. Sometimes hurt other people’s feelings Decosterd (2012). Learning can be hindered in the left hemisphere because...

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