The Lecture Method

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The Lecture Method”

College lectures can be very informative however are students really learning? According David Daniels’ Essay “College lectures: is anybody listening” He says “The time is long overdue for us to abandon the lecture system and turn to methods that really work”. As College student I agree with Daniels opinion, College lectures are informative but at times can be very difficult for any student not to get distracted during the time they are given.

Students can undergo many difficulties during lectures, such as distractions, being ostracized by professor’s and even be marked absent even though they were present that day. Students can also lack one on one help from their professors while as students who doesn’t attend or are not assigned these lectures benefit from it, this may cause those students to get higher grades than the others. This teaching method isn’t always the best nether. According to Daniels “College graduates lack both basic skills and general culture” this can cause students not to involve themselves in any class participation. Active learning is far more beneficial for students and will let them achieve they need during college. This is a way how the lecture system can cause college students trouble in reaching the skills needed to pass their courses.

The lecture system doesn’t affect students alone it also harms the professors that give them. It harms them because if a professor really wants the student to learn the skills necessary to pass the course it will be hard for them to receive feedback from the students. They must also be able to question their professor about anything that wasn’t clear to them during a class thus giving the professor the chance to judge how well a student understood the material that was given to them during such lecture, however when the lecture is giving to more than 50 students the professors will loose track of the student and of their progress. Therefore the lecture system not...
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