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The Learning of English as a Second Language

By Vicgua Feb 17, 2012 262 Words
The Learning of English as a foreign Language

In order to communicate their ideas and survive in a society, human beings needed to use languages which vary depending on the country they live or are from. The acquisition of such languages involves no effort providing that such a process is natural. Individuals develop their communicative skill as they are exposed to the language, but when these face the learning of a second language, such a process gets complicated. Due to globalization, an urgent need for communication worldwide arose. People from different countries had to find a means thru which they could interact. So, for this to be possible, they chose to learn one language, English. Having a language in common, they would be able to carry out business, entertainment and trading. Unlike acquiring a first language, learning English a second or foreign language is a complex process that involves the development of four communicative skills: Listening, speaking, reading and writing, but if the learner combine the tools they are given in class and extra tools they might find by themselves out of the classroom to strengthen their learning process, such a complexity may be minimized. In short, learning English as a foreign language is a two way process in which teachers and students take equal important part, and the success in such a process depends on the effort of both parties. Also, learning English as a foreign language allows non-native English speakers to widen opportunities to success in their works, studies and even the day-a-day activities.

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