The Leadership Skills That an Event Manager Needs in Order to Be Successful

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The leadership skills that an event manager needs in order to be successful

      Successful event management is the skill of applying project management knowledge in the organization of simple, medium or complex events. The events may range from birthdays, weddings, festivals, games to conferences. For any event, the organizing team is led by a manager or a group of managers. They are responsible of controlling, planning, giving tasks to their staff and periodically evaluating the progress. The skill of each manager is weighed on the productivity and quality of the event in question (Goldblatt, 2005). Since the management takes the overall control of the event, it is responsible for its success or failure. In order to maintain a successful event management business, the manager should have several leadership skills. Some are inbuilt, others come with increased experience while others are developed academically. A manager needs to combine a couple of the skills in order to make a successful event.

      One of the most important leadership skills in event management is communication. A successful manager should be able to communicate in a good manner with all members within and outside the organization (Breiter, 2008). Irrespective of the level of the person, he should be in a position to understand the person and pass the intended message efficiently. The manager should adequately communicate the visions, mission, duties, work output quality as well as give feedback on all matters within the organization. He is the link within the organization and should lead the team. For instance, for a wedding event, the manager should effectively communicate the duties of the persons responsible for set up, catering, transport and reception in the right manner and time.

      A successful event manager should also be able to inspire a common vision within the organization. He should bring together the views of the employees, analyse them and come up with...

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