The Last Supper

Topics: Rembrandt, Etching, Amsterdam Pages: 3 (1080 words) Published: April 6, 2013
“Christ Preaching” By: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn


The artist of “Christ Preaching” is Rembradnt Harmensz van Rijn. Christ Preaching is an etching and dry point on laid paper. This artwork is one of the finest examples of Rembrandts baroque style. This picture is worthy of very special study because it is reckoned by critics as one of the best of Rembrandt's etchings.

Rembradnt Harmensz van Rijn was born on July 15, 1606, and he died on October 4, 1669. He was considered one of the greatest painters in European history. He was considered the most important painter in Dutch history. Rembrandt had a gift of visual invention that spawned his productive and successful career. A master across three media, he radically redefined the technique of etching by bringing to it the freedom and spontaneity of painting and drawing. His artwork came during what historians call the Dutch Golden Age. Rembrandt had youthful success as a portrait painter. His etchings and paintings were very popular. His reputation as an artist was very high and he even taught many dutch artists for over twenty years. Rembrandt’s triumphs were in his portraits of his contemporaries, self-portraits, and scenes from the bible. Some of his artwork similar to Christ preaching is “Christ presented to the People”, dry point, 1655. Also, “Christ and the women taken in adultery” drawing. One of his other similar artworks is “The Three Crosses”, Etching, 1653. While his fame as a portraitist grew during the 1630's in Amsterdam, Rembrandt chose to focus not only on commissions but on biblical and mythological scenes. Although Christ Preaching is an etching and not a painting, it can still be understood in this context. Printmaking provided a way for Rembrandt to reach a wider audience still, and accordingly he chooses popular imagery that appeals to a wide range of viewers. Likely depicting Christ during his time in Rome, this detailed work shows all members of society, brought...

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