The Last Olympian

Topics: English-language films, Greek mythology, Hades Pages: 2 (284 words) Published: September 27, 2011
The book I decided to do my book report on is The Last Olympian, written by

Rick Riodarn. This book is set in Manhattan. There is a camp of halfbloods, or people

with one mortal parent and one immortal parent. The titan lord, Kronos, has just been

reborn and is trying to kill the people at Camp Halfblood.

The main characters of the book are Percy, Annebeth, Nico, Luke, Kronos and

other assorted campers. Luke had been taken over by the titan lord, Kronos. He was

trying to destroy Olympus. Percy had a prophecy that was going to happen when he

turned sixteen, and Nico, the son of Hadies, offered him a deal. Percy decided he would

take the deal. The deal was to bathe in the River Styx, The River of Lost Dreams.

Once Percy completed the deal with Nico, he became invincible. They found out

that Kronos was going to attack Olympus, so they met the other campers at the base of

Olympus. The first attack they make ends in failure but they continue trying.

Kronos calls in old, ancient monsters to help him but Percy beats them all. Kronos

makes it past Percy and the campers and gets to the Olympus. Percy and Kronos battle in

the throne room of Olympus. Luke’s soul in Kronos kills Kronos and Percy saves

Oympus. When the gods get back, they offer Percy the chance to become a god, but he

turns it down. He ends up going back to live with his mother.

This book was a good book. It never had a dull moment. I read it because it

sounded interesting. If you want a cool book, pick The Last Olympian.
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