The Last of the Mochicans

Topics: The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper, Natty Bumppo Pages: 5 (1594 words) Published: July 28, 2013
The Last of the Mohicans
By James Fenimore Cooper
The World Publishing Company Cleveland and New York 1,500 Pages (Digital)

Character Analysis (at least 2 characters with description and quotes) Major Duncan Heyward - Heyward was a young American from the South. He worked his way up to Major in the English Army. Some good qualities he had were courage, trustworthiness and nobility. A flaw he had was being terrible with directions; when in the forest he aways had to rely on Hawkeye. Pg 48 (Digital) - “Say, rather, Alice, that I would not trust you. I do know him, or he would not have my confidence, and least of all at this moment. He is said to be a Canadian, too; and yet he served with our friends the Mohawks, who as you know, are one of the six allied Nations.”

Natty Bumppo - Natty was the star of this book. Natty Bumppo was his given name. He adopted the name of Hawkeye because he was a skilled marksman. A fun fact about him is he had a rifle named Killdeer. He is a man who doesn't get emotional but rejoices with death because in the end he said: “Hawkeye argues that Uncas has merely left him for a time.” Pg 1491(Digital)

Alice Munro - Alice is Colonel Munro’s second daughter with his second wife. She has an older half sister who is the opposite of her. Alice is a girly girl with blond hair and beautiful skin who loves Major Heyward. When she gets stressed she faints. At times Alice can also have an opinion about certain things. Pg 48 (Digital) - “If he has been my fathers enemy, I like him still less!”

Author’s Style-an example of what is unique about his or her writing (1quote ) Quote-
“We must use an author’s privilege, and shift the scene a few miles to the westward of the place where we have last seen them.” pg 80 (Digital)

“He answered the objection of his antagonist in the best manner his limited information would allow.” pg 89 (Digital)

Explanation of Author’s Style -
James Fenimore Cooper is a terrific writer. He uses his power as the writer and narrates us through this book about the French and Indian war. With the first quote he showed us that he had the privilege of moving his characters anywhere he wants. Thus showing he likes to be in control. With the second example he shows us that he gets inside his characters heads to explain better what is going on.

Setting-how does the setting affect the plot of the novel (1 quote include page numbers)

Quote- “After Crossing a low vale, through which a gushing brook meandered he suddenly ascended a hill, so steep and difficult of ascent, that the sisters were compelled to alight, in order to follow.” pg 391 (Digital)

Explanation- The setting in the book was extremely important. It was so important that the first few pages of the book talked about how rugged the terrain was. The entire book explained how people dealt with getting around the woods. This quote demonstrates how hard life was. Everything was difficult because they got lost then they went down a rapid steam in canoes. The setting has a huge affect because it made their journey more difficult.

Theme: 3 significant quotes related to a major theme of the novel Quotes and Themes

“There is reason in an Indian, though nature has made him with a red skin!” Pg 88 (Digital) This quote is important because it shows in the beginning of the book that there is still racial inequality between the Indians and white people.

“A Mingo is a Mingo, and God having made him so neither the Mohawks nor an other tribe can alter him.” Pg 120 (Digital) This quote shows that Hawkeye is still racially profiling people. When he finds out that Magua is a Huron, he immediately thinks he is a bad man just because he is a racist. From the beginning to the end race was an intregal part of this book.

“The pale-faces are masters of the earth, and the time of the red men has not yet come again. My day has been too long. I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the...
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