The Last of the Dogmen

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Dog Soldiers, Black Kettle Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: March 27, 2008
The Last Of the Dogmen
The social problem this movie portrays is a very old problem. It is coupled by fear of the unknown and acceptance of each other as human beings with differences. These differences stem from a lack of understanding of race, culture, customs, and religious beliefs of societies. It is well know through out history that the Indians posed a problem for white settlers. Many Indian tribes were for the most part friendly and willing to share the land and its produce with everyone. Some tribes were warrior tribes and fought other warring tribes. White men began to see them as a problem especially when natural resources such as gold or land holdings on Tribal lands or they saw a need for population control for fear that the Indian society would “pollute” the white society. Lewis Gates and Lillian Sloane knew that the world today would again annihilate the descendants of the 1864 Sand Creek, Colorado massacre. It may not have happened the way Gates’ nightmare was portrayed, but the society we have today would have pushed for assimilation of our society currently. This is evidenced by what we actually see today when tribal councils have to negotiate for educational rights and to have teachers that speak in Native American tongues. The main point of the movie is when you find something that you have spent your entire life looking for that you will risk everything to protect it. However, I believe the director was trying to add more. If it was not for the Native Americans, we would not have the present governmental society we have today. Sloane made this statement in the movie, but it is an accurate statement. Case and point the Cheyenne Dog soldier. Originally the Cheyenne were a society of murders and thieves.

It was not until Sweet Medicine went to a mountain called Noahvose and spoke to the elders (a vision) came back with instructions to clean up the Cheyenne Nation. He did just so, he developed the Council of forty- four and then...
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