The Last of Mohicans

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James Fenimore Cooper

The Last
of the Mohicans

c z y t a m y

Retold by Graham Read

w o r y g i n a l e

Chapter I

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Silent Dangers

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It is a strange characteristic of the French
English war of North America that the
dangers of the natural world had to be
defeated before any fighting could be done
between the two countries. The land was
covered in mountains, lakes and forests,
which, although the French and British
fought over for three years, neither would
eventually possess. We start our story in
a large forest, where Fort Edward stands.
At the time an enormous French army,
commanded by General Montcalm, was
in the region and the British were worried
about an attack.
A group of people are travelling from Fort
Edward to Fort William. Two of them are
daughters of the British general, a man called
Munro. Instead of going on the normal road
between the forts, a journey of two days,
they had decided to journey through the
forest. The party also included an English
officer, a religious man and a native Indian.
Duncan, the officer, had fair golden hair
and bright blue eyes. The younger of the
sisters, Alice, was also blonde and fair, and


she was very beautiful. The other, Cora, was
also beautiful, but had black hair, darker skin
and was perhaps five years older. The fourth
white man, David, was a strange looking
man. His head was large, his shoulders
narrow, his arms and legs long and thin. He
was a pilgrim who had come to America to
tell the natives about the word of God. As
for the Indian who was guiding the group,
he was silent and angry-looking.
While the Indian was walking ahead, Alice
asked Duncan about their guide.
“I don’t like him. Can we trust him?”
“I would not let any man guide us who I do
not know. I met him by accident. He once
had some trouble with your father, but he
has been punished for that.”
“If he has been my father’s enemy, I like
him even less,” said Alice.
“Should we distrust a man because his skin
is darker than ours?” asked Cora coldly, and
the conversation stopped.
After a time David began singing a
religious song and Alice joined in. The
group relaxed as they continued through

the narrow forest path. However, after
one song the Indian came to the group and
spoke quickly to Duncan.
“Though we are not in danger, our guide
suggests than we should avoid attention while
on these paths,” Duncan told them.
Their journey continued in silence, and none
noticed when an Indian face looked out from
behind a tree, viewing his potential victims.
Later in the day, and only a few miles to the
west, we can find two men standing together
by a small river. One of the men was a redskin
while the other, although dark, was a white
man - a strange couple. One carried the
tomahawk of a native; the other had a long
hunting rifle. The native was almost naked,
whereas the white man wore a green hunting
shirt. They called each other by their Indian
names, Chingachgook and Hawkeye, and
spoke in the Indian language.
The Indian was telling Hawkeye about the
history of his people.
“The first whitefaces were Dutch. In
those times we, the Delawares, were a
happy people. The lakes gave us fish; the

wood, animals; and the air, its birds. We
took wives, who gave us children. Then the
Dutch came and gave my people...
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