The Last Night of Ballyhoo - Production Critique

Topics: Gone with the Wind, Character, Dress Pages: 4 (1291 words) Published: October 8, 1999
This paper is a critique of a production of The Last Night of Ballyhoo, a play written by Alfred Uhry, which was performed and produced by the Ball State University Theatre. Gilbert L. Bloom directed the production and was very successful with producing a truly entertaining, comedic play with an important message about the personal dilemmas that we as individuals with different beliefs and values must encounter in our daily lives.

All elements of the production were wonderfully implemented making The Last Night of Ballyhoo quite a success. The performers were perfect for the roles in which they were cast. For example, Lala's (Erin Rae Lengkeek) character is supposed to be a romantic dreamer and very childlike. The actress who portrayed Lala did an excellent job even her voice and attitude were quite appropriate for the role. Likewise, the actress who played Sunny (Jennie L. Keller) also did a fabulous job of portraying her character. Sunny's character had a more mature attitude and therefore presented herself in a more adult manner then her cousin Lala. Her physical features also differed from Lala's; Sunny was tall, broad and had an assertive voice. Lala on the other hand was shorter, looked to have had a bit of baby fat left on her frame and had a childish voice. The other characters also were well cast for their roles, for example Peachy (Matthew Hickman) was described to the audience as having bright red hair and was portrayed though his telephone conversation with Lala as having a joking, wisecracking attitude. And sure enough when Peachy made his first appearance all these characteristics could be seen.

Lala, Sunny and Peachy are just a few of the characters that were cast in the play. Be assured, however, that all the others were also suitably cast for their roles in the production. Thus, making the character selection only one of the key elements in the production's success.

When it came to the dialogue of the production and...
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