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The Last Leaf

By lubna69 Apr 16, 2013 1100 Words

1. Personal Interview

My family and I

1. My name is _______________________________________________

2. My last name is ___________________________________________

3. I was named after my ______________________________________

4. Professions- מקצועות

➢ My father is a sales agent / a contractor / an engineer / a physician / a clerk / a shop owner / / a lawyer / a chairman of a company/ a manager / an accountant / a steward / a pilot / a computer programmer / a dentist / a soldier in the regular army – צבא קבע

➢ My mother is a housewife / a secretary /a medical secretary / a nurse / a jewelry designer / a fashion designer / a teacher in kindergarten / a stewardess / an assistant to a dentist

5. My father / mother is self – employed – עצמאי

6. My father / mother is a salaried worker –שכיר

7. I come from a small / large family.

8. I am the eldest / middle / youngest son / daughter

9. I am an only child.

10. My elder brother serves in the army / is a student

11. My younger brother / sister is in the kindergarten/ is a pupil in primary school.

12. I usually get along very well with my parents. They always support me. I know they will always be there for me.

13. They want me to learn from their experience. However, I want to be more independent and to learn everything first hand.

14. We respect each other's privacy.

15. My parents limit me / don't limit me as to when to be back home or how much money I can spend .

16. I rarely / often fight with my brothers / sisters .

17. I like my town / neighborhood because …


1. My hobbies are reading / listening to music/ collecting _________

2. In my free time I hang out with friends / exercise in the gym / watch movies.

3. I am fond of hiking in nature / playing football / basketball/ dancing .

4. My favorite T.V. program is ___________

5. I like to watch soap operas/ sitcoms

Why? Because they deal with everyday issues which are universal.

6. I like it because it is thrilling / interesting / amusing / entertaining / touching / widens my knowledge about …/ keeps me updated about …

7. I sometimes read the newspaper. The column I look at first is the sports column/ Why? Because I am interested in sports.

I also read the headlines – to be updated.

I sometimes read the commentaries- פרשנויות

8. I often eat out in restaurants or in cafes.

My favorite dish is _______. I like it because it is delicious/ tasty.

I like the atmosphere in the restaurant / pub.

9. I enjoy dancing / playing on the computer / riding horses / playing the guitar

10. I have a talent for ……… (verb)ing – I have a talent for writing poems.

11. I have been (verb)ing for 5 years.- I’ve been playing tennis for 5 years.

12. I (verb) 3 times a week. - I go in for sports 3 times a week.


My School

1. There are five trends in my school: Computers, Electronics , Cinema , Architecture Graphics and Social Science ( sociology and psychology)

2. My trend has been _______________.

3. The subjects I am majoring in are ___________

4. My favorite subjects are literature / Bible / math.

5. There are well equipped laboratories in my school.

6. I am pleased with the atmosphere in my school. There are usually good relations between students and teachers.

7. Although our homeroom teacher (מחנכת) is strict, she is friendly and helpful .

8. Our teachers' attitude is usually positive.

9. The discipline in my school has been too strict / lenient (רך, נוח), for example, students are strictly punished / not strictly punished if they are late to the lesson or if they are not dressed in the school uniform.

10. This year we have had an active recess / break on Thursdays, when we listen to music and dance.

11. My weekly schedule is quite loaded.

12. principal – מנהל If I were principal, I would change…

13. I like / dislike physical education lessons.

14. My goal/ aim this year has been to do well /succeed in my studies /to graduate from high school successfully.

15. In the next few weeks I am going to be under pressure due to my Bagrut exams. I hope I will pass all my tests with flying colors.

|English |Hebrew |English |Hebrew | |trend /stream |מגמה |art history |תולדות האמנות | |I am majoring in |מגמה |fashion design |עיצוב אופנה | |schedule |מערכת |junior high school |חט"ב | |Jewish philosophy |מחשבת ישראל |elementary school |בית ספר יסודי | |Matriculation certificate |תעודת בגרות | | | |report card |תעודה | | | |extra- curricular activities |פעילויות נוספות – מחוץ לתוכנית הלימודים (כמו | | | | |תחביבים) | | | |communications |תקשורת | | |

Army Service

Helpful Vocabulary

|English |Hebrew |English |Hebrew | |military service |שרות צבאי |combat unit | יחידה קרבית | |the IDF ( Israeli Defense Forces) |צבא הגנה לישראל |the paratroops |חיל הצנחנים | | | |a paratrooper |צנחן | |a year of service |שנת שירות |intelligence |מודיעין צבאי | |professional army | שרות קבע |infantry |חֵיל רַגְלִים | |pre-service course |קד"צ |air force |חֵיל אֲוִיר | |to postpone |לדחות |navy |חֵיל היָם | |high profile |פרופיל גבוהה |artillery |חיל תותחנים | |be going to be drafted |להתגייס |the medical Corps |חיל רפואה | |draft date |תאריך גיוס |to be a medic |להיות חובש | |to be drafted |להתגייס |an army unit |יחידה צבאית | |a draft notice |צו גיוס |basic training |טירונות | |to join the army |להתגייס לצבא |training base |בסיס אימונים | |to do your duty |לעשות חובתך |to contribute |לתרום | |to do my share |לעשות את חלקי |to recruit |לגייס | |the service is compulsory |שרות חובה |recruitment office |לשכת גיוס | |National Service |שירות לאומי |conscription / recruitment |גיוס | |to postpone your service |לדחות את השירות הצבאי שלך |to recruit new soldiers |לגייס חיילים חדשים | |to get an exemption |לקבל פטור |the academic Reserve |עתודה | |to exempt somebody from doing something |לפטור אדם מלעשות משהו |a criterion / some criteria |קריטריון / קריטריונים | |to be exempted from |להיות פטור ממשהו |a commander |מפקד | |a routine job |תפקיד שגרתי |an officer |קצין | |a worthwhile job |תפקיד בעל ערך |a clerical job |תפקיד פקידותי | |elite army assignments |תפקידי עילית בצבא |to become a clerk |להיהפך לפקיד | |a pre – induction course |קורס קדם צבאי |to be highly trained |להיות מאומן היטב | |skills |מיומנויות |civilian life |החיים האזרחיים | |military life |חיי צבא |psycho—technique test |מבחן פסיכוטכני | | | |fitness test |מבחן כושר |

[pic] [pic]

1. I feel it’s my duty to serve in the army.

2. I have high hopes of serving in…..

3. My greatest ambition is to……

4. I am looking forward to….

5. I am filled with excitement / fear at the thought that ….

6. I have great confidence in my capabilities

7. After the army I hope to study for a degree in ……..(psychology/education/etc.)

8. I plan to travel in the Far East/ South America after my army service

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