The Laramie Project

Topics: Matthew Shepard, Performance, The Laramie Project Pages: 3 (832 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Linda Nguyen
Mrs. Vale-Suarez
Survey of Literature, Period 3
October 31, 2008
Extra Credit: The Laramie Project

Lane Tech College Preparatory has chosen to do a play on The Laramie Project, a non-fiction story of discrimination upon homosexual and the hate crime of Matthew Shepard’s murder in 1998. The story takes place in Laramie, Wyoming, based on hundred of interviews afterward the murder, and re-enacts in chronology of the murder. It truly is a really serious and important subject to touch upon but, Lane Tech failed to show it to its full extend and beauty the production could have been. The sound system was horrible during the performance. Finance seemed to be a problem; the costumes for example were pitiful. Last but not least many actors did not have their heart and soul in the production, therefore has not creating the aura need for empathy. So with that let’s dissect and find out the sources to the catastrophe of the performance.

Admittedly, the sound system in the process of the performance was horrible.. The actor’s voices weaving in and out of the monitors. The volume changing ever now and then, giving a surprise and scare to the loud voice and letting the audience feel clueless at the low voices, that they are not able to pick up. For audiences sitting near the back, at points in the play, it was hard to hear what the actors were saying. When many group of actors were saying different things it was impossible to be able to make out what any of the groups said. And underneath the of the actors’ voice, in the background there was a buzz flying around the auditorium. Letting audience wonder who is doing the sound system and if a child is messing with it. The sound system was a crucial thing that connects the audience to the actors. But it could only be said to have done a semi-good job. Additionally, looking at Lane’s version of the Laramie Project a thought that passes through was that, the costumes were awful. It happens not to long ago,...
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