The Language of God

Topics: God, Monotheism, Prayer Pages: 3 (972 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Language Journal (reflections on each term done at the end of each week):

Week 1: This week I used the phrase “Heavenly Parent” for God. Throughout my life, God has been seen as Father with all of the patriarchal trappings that go along with that (strict, strong, etc.). I utilized the non-gendered term “parent” to see how it feels.

It was difficult for me to use the term “Parent” during the first two days. I grew up in an extremely toxic household; my parents tried to do the best they could but both of them were very troubled. I found myself uncomfortable using the term because it instantly brought up feelings of abandonment and fear.

On the third day, I spent time meditating on the word “parent” during my morning quiet time. Inside of me, I could hear a voice telling me that this could be a time for healing. Heavenly Parent is the parent of abundant love. Heavenly Parent gives the love that we all need and deserve. By using this phrase, I might be able to see Heavenly Parent as the healer of wounds.

I did use the phrase in church on Sunday and many people came up to me and liked the non-gendered terminology. One woman in particular told me that she would use the phrase in the future.

Week 2: This week I used the phrase “Divine One.” When I used that term, I found myself finding a distance from God but also the term added some awe to my perception of God. I would pray to the Divine One and would get an image of the universe with the millions upon millions of miles of planets and stars. The awe would bring about a touch of fear in me because I never knew what to expect. The distance was not a bad thing but my feeling was that the Divine One was worthy of unending praise.

“Divine One” brought to mind to mind images of something so large that I could not even comprehend it. When I did my daily prayers, I had an image of being connected with the universe. In fact, when I thought of God during this I found myself felling interconnected with...
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