the language of fashion magazines

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Part: ONE

1.1 Overture

The significance of print media has been getting bigger and bigger as the time progress all over the world. Magazine is one of the popular forms of print media worldwide. There are different types of magazines with different features and attributes. They are mostly periodic- monthly and quarterly magazines are most common. The magazines generally focus a particular area and they target a particular group of people as their target readers. Such as business and economics oriented magazines are designed mostly for the business people, Science and technology for the young people and students, art and literature for the readers who particularly possess interest towards art and literature. Sports magazines target the young and enthusiastic sports lovers and fashion and lifestyle magazines are for the people who are concerned pretty much about their living style and modern days fashions. In this report we have selected such two fashion and life style magazines, one local and one international. “InStyle” the international one, published as British version and Mirror- the Bangladeshi magazine regarded as one of the most promising and classic fashion magazine of the country. Both the magazines follow English as their media language and are published monthly. We will try to identify the approach of these two commonly oriented magazines. Both the magazines target the today’s modern women with their independence and glamour’s. In the next section we shall be introduced with these magazines.

1.2 Mirror; at a glance:
Name: Mirror
Magazine Nature: Monthly
Magazine Type: Fashion & Life style
Established (First Issue): 2003, Dhaka
Editor: Quazi Jahangir Alam
Number of publication: 24,000 (2013)
Language: English
Company: Mirror Group (Bangladesh)

1.3 InStyle; at a glance
Name: InStyle
Magazine Nature: Monthly
Magazine Type: Fashion & Life style
Established (First Issue): June, 1994
Editor: Ariel Foxman
Number of publication: 1,251,000 (2011)
Language: English
Company: Time Inc. (US)
IPC Media (UK)

Part: TWO

This paper has been intended as an academic purpose of the students of M.A. in English Program. It aims to find out a comparative analysis of both the magazines in literal as well as structural sense. This comparison will reveal both the similarities and dissimilarities between the two magazines each possess supreme popularity in their own platform.

The other purpose of the study is to analyze the style of language of English and what techniques are used in the magazines. This paper also tries to find out how to use language in print media

2.2 Methodology
For a constructive comparison time frame and contextual frame should be pretty much same and identical. Here two magazines have been selected with same nature and categorical similarities. In order to maintain the time frame, the particular number of the magazines for analysis was kept concurrent. The Bangladeshi magazine “Mirror” was taken of volume 10, which is the July-August Edition of the current year and an Eid Fashion Special. On the other hand, the UK based international Magazine “InStyle” was taken of Volume 20, number 5 and it was the edition of the month of May of this going year. Thus, from the time frame perspective, both have same platform. In order to maintain the contextual frame, the two magazines taken from the similar taste and target readers. Both are fashion and life style magazines particularly designed for the progressive modern ladies. It is important to mention that the comparison was not made from all the numbers of the magazines, rather the two given numbers mentioned earlier. In the next section, we will begin with the comparative analysis of the magazines.

Comparative discussions on the two magazines

The previously mentioned numbers of each magazine were brought under the observation of the readers. We...
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