The Lamp at Noon

Topics: Fiction, Short story, Character Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: December 1, 2012
In the short story” the lamp at noon” Sinclair Ross is trying to develop that idea that sometimes in life individuals are often driven mad by their geographical isolation. A young couples dreams of happiness after are torn apart by the horrendous elements of nature and by lack of communication to cope with the changing condition.

First of all the author Sinclair Ross uses to convey the idea of isolation is through the horrendous setting. The setting was described in a very detail manner creating imagery that helps focus of how isolated the couples felt. The author develops the setting by using personification, for example…”Demented wind fled kneeling past the house; a wall through the eaves that died every minute or two”. This statement is given the reader the mood of the setting, a dark, dreary, somewhat ugly, and depressing scene. The change in weather reflects how the characters are feeling. Paul and Ellen both feel upset, depressed, and dark especially about their relationship too. As the story progress, the change in weather effects the character moods a little more directly. The setting in this short story is critical element in the story, without it, the plot would be kind of dull, because it gives the reader an idea of the time and place in the story’s plot ,which help the reader focus of how isolated the characters feels.

Second way that the author help defined the character is by using characterization. Sinclair used outstanding description for the two main characters. This is because they could both relate fairly, easily, and realistically. Ellen’s strong feeling which revolve around the idea of a better, healthier and even a little more “rewarding” life are nicely depicted. The reality of her hopes, however, is that the thing’s she wants and needs most are unattainable, which links to how isolated she feels. Ellen feels if she doesn’t acquire these glamorous items, she gets depressed. Ellen just sits and waits for a better opportunity, and...
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