The Lady with the Dog & Relationships

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The Lady with the Dog and Relationships
In The Lady with the Dog, readers are introduced to Anna and Gurov; a relationship that is a cross of fate and bad timing. A jaded misconception of true love’s fate is where a young couple meets, marries, and lives happily ever after. The Lady with the Dog reveals the reality of fate and its

We cannot deny that Anna & Gurov are subjected to both fate and bad timing. The two possess strong feelings for each other when they meet in Yalta, and experience the true happiness a couple should share. Th As stated in the parent post, ill-fated lovers are growing frequently today. I believe that fate plays a major part in these unfortunate circumstances. As we are mid-way in the 9th week of this course, we are no strangers to fate. We saw epic heroes rise or fall according to their own fate and can grasp the main principle that one's fate in inescapable, no matter what the circumstance. Like Anna & Gurov, they both met their fate in love by finding their true match in one another, but that does not mean their situations were pleasing when it finally occurred. That's the thing about fate and time, very rarely do their coincide with one another.  I do believe that every person is responsible for their own actions. However, I will contradict myself when it comes to the circumstances of true love and what it does to a person. In The Lady with the Pet Dog, we meet Gurov who prior to meeting Anna, despised women and did not believe that love was achievable. We also met Anna, who was miserable with her home life and only found happiness when she was with Gurov. I believe that true love cannot keep two people apart, even with their unfortunate timing and responsibilities lingering behind. Yes, these circumstances and the secret life are hard and exhausting at times for these ill-fated lovers, but being without each other is harder. It is hard to hold a person responsible when true love exists. {And note, I am not standing behind the idea...
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