The Lady or the Tiger

Topics: Man, Prison, Rock music Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: May 7, 2012
“The Lady or Tiger”
By: Frank R. Stockson

Critical Analysis: Who actually came out the door was it the tiger or the lady? According to the story, there was a conflict between the boy and the king so; the king had a punishment in mind which was the boy to come down the arena. There was two doors in the arena one has a tiger and the other is simply a lady who was so beautiful. In the watching set there was a princess who was also pretty. The princess was in the arena and the boy was the only who saw her when her hand pointed to a door. But what door did she point to, well that is what we trying to find out. I hope that the princess didn’t point the tiger because it is a furious tiger in there and the boy will die so that is the punishment the king wants. In my opinion I think the princess pointed to the one with the tiger, but hopefully not because I bet you she doesn’t want him dead. In the story it was said that the princess was a jealous person. So, she was really not a fan of the lady who was behind the door, making the princess undefeated. The lady and the princess cannot do a contest or any competition but I’m just saying you know. Anyway I would choose the door with the tiger not trying to be mean.
Summary on “The Lady or the Tiger”

“The Lady or The Tiger” begins with the description of a “semi-barbaric" king who rules his kingdom with a heavy hand. For punishing criminals, he has built an arena featuring two doors. The criminal must choose his own fate by selecting one of the two closed doors. Behind one door is a hungry tiger that will eat the prisoner alive. Behind the other door is a beautiful lady, hand-picked by the king, who will be married to the accused on the spot. The people of the kingdom like this system of justice, because the uncertainty of the situation is very not that entertaining to me, but entertaining to them. The king has a beautiful daughter whom he adores. She secretly loves a young man who is in...
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