The Lady or the Tiger

Topics: Thought, Left-wing politics, Right-wing politics Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 15, 2014
Natalie Walters
Mr. Leib
English 9 period 3
October 30, 2012
The Lady or the Tiger
“He turned, and with a firm and rapid step he walked across the empty space. Every heart stopped beating, every breath was held, and every eye was fixed immovably upon that man. Without the slightest hesitation, he went to the door on the right, and opened it.” As the door gradually opened, a fierce and vicious tiger burst through and pounced on the man. The tangerine and ebony streaked beast tore at his body as if it hadn’t eaten in days. Within seconds the beast had demolished the man’s left arm. One could not tell whether the mutilated body even resembled a man. The tiger clawed aggressively at the man, ripping his skin to the muscle. Only a few guttural screams escaped him, and all the while he stayed content. Although at first he had felt so betrayed and shocked his heart almost frayed in two, the man had recognized the princess’s thoughts and realized that this ended better for them. As his life bled out of him he knew that this was the only way they could be together for eternity.

The princess stared numbly at the bloody mess down in the arena that had formerly appeared as her lover. She had watched every moment, every second of the brutal mauling and now she stood speechless. When she had had nightmares about her decision, the slaughter did not result in the horrible atrocity she had just witnessed. At least, she thought, she did not have to see him marry that wench. But, she had not missed the look of betrayal on his face and she cringed at the thought of his last seconds spent with

resentment. Slowly the tears started to stream down her stoic face. The mourning bells rang and moans and cries erupted form the arena all around her. The semi- barbaric king was undoubtedly pleased with himself. Not only did he rid his prosperous kingdom of that misfit of a man, but he also enjoyed an interesting trial. Who else would be clever enough to come up with such an idea as...
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