The Lady of Shalott

Topics: Love, King Arthur, Guinevere Pages: 2 (785 words) Published: February 2, 2012
Fools Love

In this narrative poem The Lady of Shalott imprudently makes decisions that will later cost her, her life. Four gray towers and four gray walls embower the Lady of Shalott, who cannot look down on Camelot or a curse is put upon her. In her mirror she gazes at a striking red-cross knight and foolishly believes to have fallen in love. This knight had no idea of her existence and he too was love crazed for another woman. The Lady of Shalott was content dwelling within the castle walls and weaving vivid tapestry. The Lady of Shalott neglects to realize that what she feels is a forbidden love and that love at first sight is impossible. The tragic and ironic theme of love causes the Lady of Shalott to make foolish decisions.

Beleaguered by love, the Lady of Shalott foolishly gave her life for a man who she meant nothing to. In addition this man was foreign to her, she knew nothing about this handsome knight she fell head over heels for. Later identified as Lancelot, this red- cross knight is compared to the rarity of a shooting star and his passion to a burning flame. Thoughtlessly the Lady of Shalott leaves the loom, makes three paces and gazes downward to where Lancelot stood, bringing the curse upon her. Little did she know, Sir Lancelot had an infatuation with Queen Guinevere and could not fall in love with a mere middle class woman . Tragically singing in her last song the Lady of Shalott dies along with her proscribed love for Lancelot before reaching the wharfs of Camelot. A gleaming shape she floated by Camelot and when laying his eyes upon the dead-pale face of the Lady of Shalott, Lancelot simply acknowledges that she has a pretty face.

Little care has the Lady of Shalott when she weaves by night and day, an enchanting web with exultant colors. Furthermore a mirror hangs before her all the year, illustrating the shadows of Camelot. The Lady of Shalott is only exposed to the beautiful occurrences in Camelot, she is unfamiliar...
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