The Lack of Upward Mobility Within the Hispanic Community

Topics: Hispanic, Poverty, Hispanic and Latino Americans Pages: 5 (1890 words) Published: December 16, 2005
Upward social mobility within the Hispanic community in San Antonio is fairly low considering the growth that has been made in terms of population. The Hispanic community has been growing in great quantities since Texas was annexed into the United States. The Hispanic community has had many struggles trying to assimilate into the lifestyle of the American culture, especially in gaining higher socioeconomic status. There Hispanic community within San Antonio has tended not to see a lot of upward mobility. When Hispanics experience social mobility other Hispanics tend to think of the higher class Hispanics as different. This may be a reason that many Hispanics are not experiencing upward mobility. There are many ways to explore the problem further in order to see why the problem continues.

To get a more in depth look at the problem I observed reasons and talked to family members during many family gatherings. In my family some people have experience upward mobility and some have not, so I observed the differences about these people and got to know why or why not upward mobility was so important to them. I also asked many of my family members if they thought there were specific reasons why they did or did not gain social mobility even though they grew up in relatively the same way. I also used life experience; I thought about friends who have chose to live their life in such a way where they knew they would or would not attain upward mobility if they were poor. And I also thought back to when I was a child. When I went to school I often went to schools on the south side of San Antonio, even though I lived on the North West side of San Antonio in nicer area of town, because my parents worked at those schools. My mother was a teacher and my father a principal at another school. Children often noticed the differences with in our class from the way I talked to the clothes I wore. To learn more about the Hispanic community in San Antonio and there socioeconomic status I looked online for different facts.

I talked extensively to family members. My family is Hispanic and many of my family members have experienced upward mobility. On my mother's side of the family all of my aunts and uncles grew up very poor. My mother often tells stories about how bad life used to be for her and what good a life my sisters and I have. My mother's sister, Maggie Shepars, has experienced a big social change. She has a Master's degree and a very wealthy husband. She experienced upward mobility because she had many opportunities, and is a very smart and determined lady. She graduated salutatorian from Mc Collum high school on the south side of San Antonio. I asked her about how she felt about her upward mobility. She told me that she felt that some of her friends think that she is too good. She does not talk to some of the friends that she grew up with any more. She has lost many friends on her trip up to a life with wealth, but she says that it was worth it. She feels happier now that she knows her children will have all that she did not have as a child. She also feels that sometimes people think that she has lost her Hispanic roots. That because she has done a good job of assimilating into the American culture that her friends and family says the she is more white, and tease her because she has forgotten how to speak Spanish fluently.

I also talked to my father, Edward Balderas, about what he has experienced because he has gained wealth and education. My father did not grow up very poor, but his parents were from Mexico and were not educated. His beginnings were much more humble than now. My father has a Master's degree and is now a school principal. None of his brothers or sisters went to college and some even live in poverty. He feels that in many times he is obligated to help family members, because he has attained wealth. They often come to him when they need money or help in other ways. My father often...
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