The Lack of Family Communication

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After being a stay-at-home mom, for eight years, I finally decided to find a part-time job. I have had quite a few dreadful jobs, but none were as bad as my job at Zaxbys. Serving the public, the lousy pay, and my co-workers made this job the worst job I have ever had.

Serving the public in a fast food restaurant is very frustrating. In my experience as a fast food cashier I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the public is inconsiderate. Some of the customers at Zaxbys' thought that I worked for only them and not the whole public. They would come in and expect me to remember what they wanted, because they come in there “every Thursday at twelve o'clock and order the same thing, every week.” They must have forgotten that I had probably taken over a thousand orders since theirs and I did not remember what they ordered last Thursday. Then, since I did not remember they would try to belittle me and make me feel like I was not even competent enough to work in a fast food restaurant. That's where the frustrating part for me comes in. More than once my manager had to take me off the register because I could only bite my tongue for so long. Also, in my experience I noticed that the public is very nasty. I realized that I was getting paid to serve them, but not to the extent that some of them went to.

I would not have minded serving the public so bad if the pay had not been so lousy. I made minimum wage, which was barely enough to pay for my gasoline and personal items I needed for working. We got paid every two weeks and when I started it was in the middle of a pay period, so I had to wait three weeks before I even got my first paycheck. And since I was the new girl, when it was slow they would send me home, which would deduct from the money that I had already figured in and was depending on.

If serving the public and the lousy pay were not bad enough, my coworkers were. They were terrible. Most of them were younger than I, and...
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