The lack of Education in Africa

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Rape Pages: 6 (2367 words) Published: December 9, 2013

Can The Lack of Efficient Effective Education Causes Violence and Sexual abuse?

Some people think that as long as any country has massive wealth even they do not provide enough schools or universities, their population would be living in safe life. Unlike, some people consider as long as countries provide sufficient education to their nations, their population would be in safe life. Because of that country does have uneducated and poor population, those countries would have extremely sexual abuse, violence, revolution of poverty, and rubbery. People cannot live comfortably if they don’t have efficient food, money, clothes, and supplies due to the fact that they would find their needs out by committing rubbery and stealing. Subsequently, they would inherit their misbehaviors to their children. Subsequently, the children would fallow and grow based on disgraceful qualities and shameful characteristics. For example, In Saudi Arabia, some poor districts encounter rubbery and rape due to the fact that poverty dominates occurs over there. On account of that some strangers would steal and commit corruptions, so families feel threatened and frightened down there. Moreover, Saudi government has been addressing and considering sexual abuse by establishing a committee called Anti-Corruption, and by providing more security around some dangerous areas. Overall, my inquiry-based question is why Saudi Arabia still has the lack of efficient effective education even it is one of the most wealthy countries in the world. After reading a shocking and brutal article by Clare Carter, as a result of the constitution and law of South Africa, they have been facing and addressing the brutal rape issue, thus, they area tying to solve this serious problem. South African constitution allows the right of gays and lesbians that are considered the most impacting issue. It also does not provide more security for protecting women from having sexual assaults. Moreover, the article indicates the issue of dead mutilated victims, and states the South African government for not subjecting all people who raped and abused with serious punishments. She also mentions South African government needs to awaken and educate the children and teenagers in schools with sexual abuse and rape to avoid the severe consequences. Moreover, she proposes the government to not letting South African media to awaken the society by doing short awakening trial in their channels in order to supportively inform young guys and teenagers.

As I am a Saudi student, I am guessing that I feel the living in Saudi Arabia is fair enough comparing to any country giving not serious punishment for rappers due to strict Saudi regulations against rappers. As a result of that the percentage of raping issue has been reducing nowadays as long as the Anti-corruption Committee has been working hard. For example, a stranger raped a Saudi young lady, so she called the committee and police. At that time, the caps caught the rapper in his house and put him in jail. According to the Saudi Islamic law, the rappers would be lashed eighty times, plus, regulated with being in jail for a while. In terms of rapping issue, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the countries that have the lowest percentage of having sexual violence issues, so Saudi community realistically does not compare to South Africa community. The majority of Saudi families typically do not let their daughters to have relationships with males that make young girls regulated and watched by their parents to avoid sexual corruptions. The upcoming generation should be fully informed about avoiding sexual abuse and harassment. In my opinion, every community should establish whether program or organization for informing middle school students in particular about the sexual harassment by distributing informative bulletin of the consequences of the sexual harassment. Moreover, they should awaken their...

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