The Kumbira

Good Essays
(AUGUST 14-18)


Prepared by:
Roselle T. Aguilar
Thor Loriega Domato J.r


The word Kumbira itself it sounds interesting; because it is the contest of different categories in different schools. It is a culinary contest which developed and enhanced the capability and capacity of each competitors and it is the competition of Student category and a chef categories. It is not my first time now so I expect more than last year competition. An awesome decoration, designs even colourful cake decoration. I Expect I can see those lovely table set ups and even those carving designs with its uniqueness and those cute cup cakes as well as the live competition of Bartending, bed Make up and even flair tending and many more.
As a contestant I expect also a lot, to perform my task with the God guidance and learn how to compete under pressure, I expect to enhance my confidence and also to learn things. And I expect more the support of my teacher and classmate since it is my first time.
I expect to have fine dining for us the second year and also for the whole duration of our tour there must be a bonding.
And I expect the whole duration of the tour will be successful and meaningful and it can give us knowledge and it can encourage us as a student to participate and enhanced our abilities as a HRM Students.

This is my second time I attend and now participated the kumbira as a contestant. During our trip going to Dumalinao we are all excited and full of nice expectations about Kumbira. We stop at Dumalinao because we decided to stay there while waiting for our trip going to Cagayan. Since that there’s a lot of time, we end up strolling around Gaisano Mall at Pagadian city. We have so much fun there together with the 3rd year HRM. We take pictures, buy something, and have a snack and a little chit-chat with the sales lady. Then we decided to go back at Ma’am grace place and waited for

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