The Krishnapatnam Port Area Estuarine Ecosystem

Topics: Biodiversity, Conservation biology, Ecology Pages: 4 (352 words) Published: March 24, 2015

The Krishnapatnamport Area Estuarine Ecosystem (KPAEE) en compassing the kandaleru mangroves is the area of mangroves along the east coast of India the area is rich in floral and faunal diversity and generates significant ecological and economic benefits such as shore line protection sustaining livelihoods and carbon sink services. There are 12 species of mangroves, of which 9 are 2 mangroves and they rest associated mangrove species there are important nesting sides for turtle species notably the endangered olive ridley turtle .the area serves as the growth and development of numerous fin and shellfish. It is an important bird area with a recorded population of 160 bird species in recognization of its National and global biodiversity significance.a part of the KPAEE in addition to the biodiversity significance of the area it is also of economic significance. the recent rapid economic changes and emergence of large scale production activities in KPAEE.currently the main production sectors operating in the landscape,seascape are fisheries aquacultures,saltpans, manufacturing activities such as Thermal Power Station,turism and addition there is dependency on the mangroves and marine resources by local villagers these activities are impacting the overall ecological integrity of the KPAEE. Particularly the mangrove ecosystem in kandaleru and adjoining areas, with associated impacts on the livelihoods of local people. The adjusting institutional arrangements in the KPAEE are quite inadequate in addressing the biodiversity related issues from a land scape sea scape perspective. The present paper deals with the aims to mainstream biodiversity conservation in to the production sectors of KPAEE through(1) cross sectoral planning in the KPAEE that mainstreams biodiversity conservation considerations.(2) enhanced capacity of...
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