The Kray Sisters Analysis

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The KThe Kray Sisters
1. Background
Collection – ‘The World’s Wife’ (1999)
* Motif - The poems in this collection of Duffy look at the heroes and villains of history and myth, which focus on men, from the female perspective, usually in the voice of a real or imagined wife. * Focus/Theme - Carol Ann Duffy’s poems focus on the female perspective. In ‘The World’s Wife’ Duffy has achieved this by giving female characters a voice to speak out against male dominance; it also portrays a different side of the story compared to the traditional version, which is focused on the male character. 2. Poem Analysis

Background –
* About the notorious London gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray, although about their alter egos in the shape of two sisters, twins like themselves. * About two female East End villains with their particular forte being strong-arm feminists. Their life and flashbacks to the old times – starts with beginning of the sisters and end with the remembrance of them. ‘Sado-Feminists’ – regards feminism alike a creed – must be accepted by all women – forced upon wavering from the cause. * Feminism becomes almost Taliban-like for the sisters

* the main function of "The Kray Sisters" is to amuse and entertain

Layout –
* Comprises six 12-line stanzas – loose structure – many run-on lines (across stanzas too) – classified – ‘prose poem’ * Duffy uses stylistic tricks that imitate the language and manners of East End London – rhyming slang (traditional associated with Cockney culture) – ‘frog and toad’ (road) and ‘whistles and flutes’ (suits) etc.

The poem begins with “there are the twins” in italics, to show it is an outside voice saying it. This shows that they have a reputation and are well known.

Duffy also uses cockney rhyming slang throughout, (frog and toad, mince pies, Vera Lynn) which gives it a voice and identity. The amount of rhyming slang used decreases as the poem goes on, which could be a device to...
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